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International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Midwife, Tongue Tie Practitioners

07495 314516

If you are having problems feeding your baby and you know or think your baby may have a tongue tie I can help, give advice and support you.

I provide appointments for review of tongue tie and if required for the division of your baby’s tongue tie. I provide divisions on babies up to 20 weeks of age (if baby was born early then I can see your baby up to 20 weeks from their expected date of delivery).

Registered Qualified Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Qualified in Newborn and Infant Physical Examination and attained postgraduate credit in Advanced Clinical Skills in Tongue Tie (Ankyoglossia) management. Over 10 years experience in dividing tongue ties and 17 years in midwifery practice.

I aim to provide a prompt and personal individualised service that will work in partnership with you and your baby. I am happy to provide a free initial telephone consultation. Following consultation I may recommend that baby visits my clinic for further assessment and potentially has a tongue tie division.

About Me

I registered as a Midwife in 2001 and have practiced within the NHS setting. I have provided care to woman and their babies throughout their pregnancy and postnatal journey and have worked in various maternity departments.

I was trained in tongue tie division in 2006 by Jenny Sutherland (Lactation Consultant, Registered Midwife). I have now been dividing tongue ties for ten years and am experienced in division and providing feeding support and advice.

I have lectured on tongue tie to a wide variety of practitioners to include Midwifes, Paediatricians, Health Visitors, Student Midwives, Nurses and Neonatal Nurses.

Registered Qualified Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Qualified in Newborn and Infant Physical Examination and attained postgraduate credit in Advanced Clinical Skills in Tongue Tie (Ankyoglossia) management. Over 10 years experience in dividing tongue ties and 17 years in midwifery practice.

I am registered with and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I am insured by the Hiscox and am a member of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners.

My medical insurance and cover is provided by Hiscox. My nursing registration can be verified by logging on to http://www.nmc-uk.org/search-the-register/ and entering my name.

Tongue Tie

Tongue tie occurs when the frenulum (the membrane which stretches from under the tongue to the floor of the mouth) restricts the movement of the tongue. There are many different types of tongue tie. The appearance or type of tongue tie affects each baby differently some more than others. The most important issue is does it affect you and how your baby feeds?

Below is a list of common symptoms that can be linked to tongue tie


For breast and formula fed babies

  • Wind
  • Hiccoughs
  • Sickness (reflux) post feed
  • Dribbling milk during feeds
  • Restless before during and after feeds
  • Breaks in the feeding
  • A clicking sound during feeding
  • Weight loss
  • Slow weight gain
  • Static (not gaining) weight
  • Small mouth gape (unable to open mouth widely)
  • Unable to stick tongue out
  • Reduced wees and poos
  • Heart shaped tongue or dimple to tongue tip when baby sticks tongue out
  • Slow feeder
  • Frequent feeder

For breast and formula feeding mothers

  • Tiredness caused by frequency of feeds or time baby takes to feed

For breastfeeding babies

  • Falling asleep at the breast often after the initial let down (when the milk flows to baby)
  • Cheeks showing dimples during feeds
  • Unable to attach to the breast
  • Unable to stay attached to breast

For breastfeeding mothers

  • Feeling of biting / grinding during feeding
  • Painful nipples
  • Bruises to the nipple
  • A squashed/misshapen nipple post feeds
  • Nipple discolouration after feeding
  • Cracked, sore, bleeding nipples
  • Mastitis (infection of the breast tissue)
  • Engorgement (breasts are full of milk and may feel painful)
  • Feeling like the breast is not emptying
  • Reduction in milk supply

Treating a tongue tie

Frenulotomy is the name given to treating a tongue tie. This involves snipping the lingual frenulum (tongue tie) using blunt ended scissors and only takes a few seconds to complete.


Division of Infant tongue tie - £150

(up to 60 minute appointment)

This fee includes a full assessment of your baby's tongue function and appearance of the baby's mouth, division of a tongue tie and support with feeding post procedure. This fee reduces to £75 if division of tongue tie is not required or recommended. I also provide a free follow up call to every mother one-two weeks post division.

Review or subsequent appointment following initial tongue tie division

(up to 60 minutes)

To provide support, advice, reassessment or potential revision.

Teaching/Education - rates negotiable

(dependent on travel and timing)

To provide education around identification, management and post procedure care/advice. I have previously taught sessions

  • Linking BFI university standards to tongue tie and breast feeding difficulties
  • Early identification and referral: A NIPE practitioner’s role
  • A student midwives prespective on tongue tie identification and supporting feeding in infants with tongue tie
  • Examination of the Newborn : Tongue tie identification


I welcome payment in full at the time of the consultation either in cash (receipt provided) or by bank transfer.


I would be grateful if you can notify me of any cancellations as soon as possible so I can offer another family the opportunity to receive care.

Where To Find Me


Stourbridge Osteopathic & Health Clinic
15-17 Lawn Avenue Stourbridge
West Midlands


07495 314516


To book a telephone assesment

Call - 07495 314516

Please include.

  • Baby's name
  • Date of birth
  • Prefered contact number
  • Method of feeding
  • Type of birth

All Emails / Voicemails are returned within 24 hours and appointments are available withinn 72 hours, unless otherwise stated on voicemail or out of office reply.


Before Your Appointment

Important information prior to your appointment

  • Initial appointment lasts up to 60 minutes
  • Follow up appointments last up to 60 minutes
  • Partners/support person are welcome to attend
  • It is important to remember that initial appointments are for assessment and if required will include division of the tongue tie.

Preparation what to bring to your appointment

  • Baby's Personal Child Heath Record (red book)
  • A feed for your baby
  • A bath towel

What to remember

  • I will endeavour to see you within 15 minutes of your appointment time.
  • Try not to feed your baby within an hour of your appointment. This is important as ideally baby will feed during the assessment part of the consultation. if a division is undertaken baby will then again be offered a feed immediately following a division to help reduce any bleeding and provide comfort to your baby. Observing baby feed during the consultation allows me to help and support you and baby if baby is having any feeding difficulties.
  • If your baby becomes unwell between our telephone discussion and appointment please let me know, for example :-
    • If your baby develops oral thrush
    • Is started on any medication
    • Visits a hospital
    • Visits General Practitioner for any reason not previously discussed with me


What To Expect

During your appointment I will ask questions about your pregnancy, labour and how well your baby is and has been since birth. I will discuss how your baby is currently feeding and I may observe baby feeding prior to undertaking a division. I will first assess how your baby's tongue looks. I will then feel, with gloves, how your baby moves their tongue up and down, side to side and out and in. During this examination I will try to get your baby to suck on my finger to see how baby moves their tongue during sucking. Finally, I will feel under baby's tongue. I encourage parents to watch this assessment so we can discuss how baby's tongue movements may be impacting/not impacting on feeding.

If after assessment I feel division of the tongue tie may be beneficial for you and/or your baby I will discuss the potential outcomes and risks of the procedure. I will give you the opportunity and I welcome questions about division and I will let you decide if you would like to proceed during this appointment. Some parents would like time to consider this decision. I am happy for parents to spend time researching and thinking more about the procedure if they wish to. There is no obligation to perform a division once offered.

I will then swaddle your baby in your bath towel and place baby on a well lit couch. I will need a parent/support person to hold baby’s head during the procedure. Using my index finger I will lift your baby's tongue and snip the tongue tie using single use, sterile, curved, blunt tipped scissors. A diamond shaped wound will then appear under the baby's tongue. I will place a piece of gauze under baby’s tongue and give you your baby to feed.

The area may have a little bleeding that often stops quickly once baby is feeding or sucking. Many baby's cry during the division and/or examination but are quickly soothed by feeding. I will then observe this feed and provide support and advice when needed, occasionally babies do not feed after the procedure and may only want a cuddle.

I always discuss post procedure care and advice with you. You will stay in the clinic until all bleeding has stopped.

A summary or the appointment will be documented in your PCHR (red book).

Kerry April 2017

After being told our daughter had a "slight" tongue tie in her hospital check i was shocked when on day 2 the community midwife told me that her tongue tie certainly wasn't slight. As the days went on and we got to day 5 I was in complete agony and couldn't possibly feed anymore so took to pumping every 2 hours which then meant I was either feeding or pumping and sterilising bottles like they had gone out of fashion, pumping continued into the night even when my baby slept so I was absolutely shattered. When the midwife came the next day she advised that the wait list for the tongue tie clinic was 6 weeks, she gave me the details and also said about Leanne, she told me Leanne was a specialist in her area and had a private clinic in Stourbridge, she could see how much breast feeding meant to me and how hard I'd worked so she promoted Leanne's services, she had also worked with Leanne as a fellow midwife and said how lovely she was. That afternoon I made the call that changed everything, it was one of the best phone calls I've ever made. Leanne answered and it felt like she knew me personally and was so supportive, she told me how I was feeling before I could explain, she told me what my baby was doing and how she was feeding and I couldn't believe her knowledge. She made me an appointment for 3 days later at her clinic, I went along with my Mom and Leanne took the time to get to know us and Zara, she went through the procedure and aftercare in fine detail and then took a look at Zara's tongue tie, it was a level 4 which was quite bad. She offered to do the separation there and then, it took seconds and within two minutes my baby girl was nursing like a dream, I'd never had a painless feed like this before. She fed for around 20 minutes and latched beautifully. I continued to feed for 6 months and it was a very positive experience. Leanne asked me to text her that night to let her know Zara was ok, which I did, she also called me a few days later to check on us.

Leanne's service is second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge and experience is amazing and she will make you feel confident in her within minutes. Thanks Leanne for everything you did for us, and enabling me to breastfeed for as long as I did

Sue January 2017

We visited Leanne in January when my little boy was 2 weeks old. I knew he had a slight tongue tie & as we were both experiencing slight problems I came to see Leanne .

My first son had a bad tongue tie which was spotted at birth. Due to being a first time mum and no knowledge what so ever of tongue ties I nievely listened to the 'advice' of many professionals & carried on breast feeding without getting his tie released...long story short; if more practitioners had a better knowledge of tongue ties and breast feeding i would have had his tongue released asap rather than persisting with many problems for 13 weeks. Due to this I did not hesitate 2nd time round to seek advice.

What I thought was a slight tie turned out to also be quite a bad tie with my second son. Leanne examined my son & was very thorough with her questions. Not only did she put me at ease knowing I wasn't being a paranoid mum but also reassured me how well our breast feeding journey was going dispite my sons 'problem'. The tie release was by no means 'nice' to experience but Leanne's very caring, knowledgable & reassuring manner made our choice to carry out the procedure an easy one. Both before, during & after the procedure Leanne reassured us of everything and put us completely at ease having the procedure done.

Leanne's knowledge of tongue ties and breastfeeding is amazing!!! I continued to have a few simple problems with feeding after the release and after a phonecall from Leeanne to see how everything was going I now breast feed completely problem free and my son still remains on the 98th centile for his weight & has never lost an oz of weight since he was born 😀


Ellie March 21 2017

I phoned Leanne following my MW diagnosing my 3 week old son with a tongue tie. From the initial phone conversation I knew that I wouldn't find anyone more qualified and knowledgeable to help William and Leanne put my mind at ease. When we met Leanne her confidence and enthusiasm for what she does was obvious which it exactly what you need in this kind of situation. Everything was explained extremely well and not rushed at all. Leanne stayed 100% calm during the procedure and clearly explained what we should expect in the following days. I would highly recommend Leanne.

Charlotte March 19 2017

We visited with our 4 day old baby after noticing as soon as he was born that he had severe tongue tie which meant he was unable to latch at all. The hospital were unable to cut the tie and we were anxious to wait 3+ weeks to be seen under the NHS.

Leanne was so welcoming and reassuring, she discussed levels of tongue tie and how the procedure would go. She was able to perform the cut to our baby's 100% tongue tie quickly and easily with minimum fuss from him and he was able to latch and feed straight away which was amazing.

Leanne really took time to discuss feeding with us and sent us loads of great links to help with everything post procedure.

I would recommend Leanne and Tongue Tie Matters to anyone with concerns about tongue tie. She is a fountain of knowledge and goes the extra mile to help.

Katie March 16 2017

Leanne took the time to thoroughly assess my son, explaining everything along the way. The procedure itself was very quick and I didn't feel rushed to leave afterwards. Leanne made 100% sure my little boy was settled before we left the clinic. Before, during and after care was exceptional. Thank you

Charlotte January 17 2017

Leanne is amazing at her job. We have been for several visits and check ups to see Leanne with our baby boy and each time she has been brilliant with her advice and continues to look for advice that will help us with some of our babies feeding problems. We are so glad we chose to go to her as we were made to feel so welcome and our baby boy was taken care of well. Thank you so much again Leanne. From Charlie, Josh and of course baby Arthur who is sending you a cheeky smile xx

Ali October 8 2016

Leanne was absolutely incredible. Her wealth of knowledge and experience really put us at ease to make a decision about what we wanted to do. Unfortunately our little mans tongue tie was pretty extreme so we decided the procedure was necessary but Leanne let us make a decision on our own whilst making us aware of all the risks and benefits. I must also commend her on her aftercare. Not only did she check up to make sure my son is okay, she also checked up on me as i was not very well at the appointment and she made a point of contacting my midwife to ensure I received the care i required and messaged later in the week to ensure i was okay! I am so impressed and i would recommend her services to anyone looking into this in more detail. We were with her for an hour and now my son is an extremely happy chappy! Thank you Leanne!!

Lisa September 21 2016

Leanne was absolutely fantastic. My first born had a tongue tie but the midwife said my new baby was fine. However I quickly realised breastfeeding wasn't going well and sought out Leanne on Google. She gave me a call back and discussed my concerns and found me an appointment the next day. She completely knows her stuff (she was describing the symptoms as if she was psychic) and diagnosed a tongue tie which she cut straight away. She discussed the procedure in length and made sure we were well informed before going ahead. Baby's latch improved dramatically. I struggled to feed later that day and messaged Leanne very early next morning. She rang me first thing and gave me loads of advice. I would recommend her without a doubt to anyone who was concerned about tongue tie. Thanks again Leanne. X

Kasia November 23 2016

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and reassuring are only few words which describe Leanne and her practice in Stourbridge. We have visited her with Reuben when he was 3 days old and not feeding. He came out from his procedure as a happy baby, which feeds with no problems now. Thank you for your help xxx

Katie December 20 2016

Leanne was great with our little boys tongue tie. Was seen very quickly and care taken over little step we took. Before and after support was fantastic. Found confidence in leanne unlike other practises who seem to do it for money x

Lisa October 10 2016

When Olivia was born the only thing I knew I wanted to do was breastfeed.All was well for the first 4 weeks (depsite her feeding endlessly and what we were told was reflux)..until she got thrush and then it went down hill very quickly within a matter of 10 days or so. I started getting terrible pains,my milk supply was dropping up until then I'd had an over supply and generally things were really hard,she was miserable as was I. We were at the doctors for herself and me weekly sometimes I was having to go 3 times a week from pain..I was told it was the way I was sitting,or that it was me and then I was given different types of thrush creams treated for mastitis even though I knew I didn't have that even had thrush tablets for 2 weeks straight! At this point Olivia was clearly having issues feeding and so not prepared to give up I began to pump and bottle feed which was exhausting and we still had issues. Eventually someone asked if she had a tongue tie.so went to see my nurse and she said no.. saw the health visitor and she also said no,still not convinced I went to my gp who said she had a lip tie but not a tongue tie!!!!! Then someone pointed me in the direction of our specialist feeding health visitor.i told her all our issues Olivia was now 10 weeks old and was now only breastfeeding at first morning feed and refused any other feeds.we saw the specialist health visitor and straight away she said she had a tongue tie.. and I could wait weeks for the NHS or go private.

I found Leannes website along with others but kept going back to Leannes.i gave her a call the next morning just to see. And within minutes of talking to her I knew I'd found the right person. She made me feel very reassured and was very knowledgeable which put me at ease. She was actually able to offer me an appointment that same afternoon.

Upon arriving Leanne talked us through the process and explained in great detail what happens before during and after the procedure and any risks involved etc. I thought I'd feel very anxious once there but she put our minds at ease.. especially my partners (he can't even come to he jabs as he gets cross they are hurting her) he was so at ease that he even held Olivia during the actual procedure!! Which was super quick (even if I couldn't look) once done she did cry a little but being 10 weeks at that point she is older than most who have it done.the crying didn't last. There was minimal bleeding after the procedure too. During the whole appointment I felt totally at ease and felt Olivia was in the hands of someone safe and very knowledgeable and most of all caring. I left the appointment with Olivia sleeping in my arms.

The healing process was great Olivia was never upset and there was never any after bleeding, she was happy and settled and totally healed beautifully within a week.

Within a week her reflux symptoms had gone, and she was making new noises with her mouth. within 2 weeks her hiccups and dribbles had settled, and although still pumping she was at least having a go at breastfeeding. 5 weeks on I have a very happy girl who is getting back to breastfeeding who's no longer needing meds for reflux and is very healthy and gaining good weight. I'm also med and pain free which is a huge deal. its amazing just how much a tongue tie affects everything.

A huge thank you to you Leanne from us and Olivia xxxx

Lisa x

Bottom line

I can't recommend Leanne enough I especially liked the fact that she calls to check up on you all after your appointment and that you can call her should you have any worries or concerns.

Marie May 23 2016

My son had tongue tie which was making breastfeeding very difficult and he had lost/static weight as a result. Not wanting to wait for an NHS appointment, I found Leanne through the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners.

I found the telephone consultation really reassuring and was offered an appointment three days later. Leanne's explanation of the procedure was incredibly thorough and I couldn't believe how quickly it took place.

The first few days of feeding after were up and down as my son got used to his new tongue movement but Leanne provided useful links and support. My son is now feeding really well with shorter feeds and more time between feeds. Most importantly he is putting on lots of weight!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tongue Tie Matters to anyone else in a similar position. Thank you Leanne.

Kerry August 20 2016

After being told at the hospital we had a slight tongue tie and to see how we got on at home, feeding was getting horrendous! I was in so much pain and little lady was so tired from working so hard. We were unable to get an appointment as quick as we'd of hoped with the NHS service so called Leanne and got a private appointment at her clinic. Since the moment the tongue tie was cut, we've had no feeding issues, weight gain is excellent and no more pain for me! Thanks Leanne, would recommend the service to anyone and can honestly say to get this done quicker was the best money I've ever spent!

Alexandra May 23 2016

My twin girls were referred to have their tongue ties assessed and our local clinic could not see us for over 2months so I was given the option to travel which I accepted eager to get it sorted.

Within a week I received a call from Leanne where she did a telephone assessment which resulted in an appointment a week later. From the initial examination through the procedure to the aftercare I found Leanne and her colleagues helpful, compassionate & massively supportive.

I cannot thank them enough as my girls are now much more settled, feeding better and their reflux has improved since having their tongue tie separations. Also the support and advice given to me as a breastfeeding mother was invaluable and has improved the feeding experience for all three of us. I have already recommended to a friend that she seek out a referral to Russell's Hall hospital and would never hesitate to do it again. Leanne does such a wonderful job and very clearly cares about her patients. You are a credit to the NHS! The best NHS experience of my life!

Cara May 25 2016

After having a few concerns about my baby's tongue tie, I did some research and found Leanne. After emailing her with a few issues that I thought were related, Leanne called within two hours. After a lengthy phone call which was amazing. Such detail and insight, not to mention reassurance we were able to book an appointment. At the appointment we were instantly reassured by Leanne's calm presence and excellent knowledge into the issue, the procedure went ahead. It was quick and amazingly done. I am so pleased with everything that happened from beginning to end. I couldn't have wished for a better experience. I would recommend anyone to go see Leanne and get your little ones sorted. I'm a first time mother and to have such comfort and professionalism in such a worrying matter. I am truly happy with the outcome and our little boy is doing so well. Amazing service!! A+++

Gemma July 3 2016

Leanne provides a fantastic service she sorted my daughters tongue tie and spotted the problem right away. She explained exactly what sort of tongue tie it was to me and my husband whilst examining my daughter. She has lifted a big worry off my shoulders as my daughter was struggling to feed and suffering from reflux, I was being made to feel like I was a neurotic mother by GP's after 9 weeks of endless doctor appointments with no answers. This service is worth every penny.

Katie July 30 2016

As I sit here feeding at 1am in the morning I am so grateful to Leanne for carrying out the division of my beautiful sons tongue tie ... Feeding was excruciatingly painful , my son got anxious at every feed due to difficulty sustaining a feed because of his tongue tie. I will never get these moments back snuggling my little son knowing I'm giving him the very best start ... All this wouldn't of been possible without Leanne. The service provided at tongue tie matters is warm, friendly, informative and divisions / consultations take place a clean calming non clinical environment. Before and after care is also thorough and reassuring. I cannot recommend highly enough. My son at 12 days old is a calm settled baby who feeds on demand and is content throughout the feed which is pain free. Thank you so much

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